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Kamola Makhmudova launches #Dance4Uzbekistan Challenge

Ezgu Amal > ЕБРР > Kamola Makhmudova launches #Dance4Uzbekistan Challenge
12 апреля 2020

We are pleased to announce that Kamola Makhmudova, a Senior Banker from EBRD, launches, with support of British-Uzbek Society, a new initiative #Dance4Uzbekistan challenge aiming to raise funds in support of “Solidarity with Uzbekistan” campaign to tackle the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of people in need.

This first session is dedicated to “Andijan Polka” and is animated by Rashid Shadat, Uzbek choreographer et actor (“Mission Impossible”, “Star Wars”, “Bourne Identity”) living in UK.
The essence of the challenge is to make a contribution of £5 minimum to the trusted fund and get an access to online master classes by leading professional dancers from Uzbekistan via Zoom platform. As a result, we help people in need in their fight against COVID-19 pandemic and enjoy dancing with the Uzbek dance top professionals!

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